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GeospatialGeometry group has been launched!

21 Mar 2006 | mloskot

Google Groups LogoToday, Sunburned Surveyor announced on the about new geospatial discussion group launched on Google Groups. The group has been called GeospatialGeometry. It’s available on Google Groups under following location:

What is GeospatialGeometry group for?

This group provides a place to describe geometries used in geospatial applications. This includes geometry types, and operations and algorithms on geometries. It is geared towards geospatial application developers, with an emphasis on open source software.

For anonymous users, group can be accessed in read-only mode. If you want to read and post to this group, you have to become its member. Just click on the Join this group and follow a few steps to subscribe. At this moment, there are 13 members. I hope the group’s community will grow up shortly.

Honestly, I prefer to use Usenet groups through NNTP news reader than Web forums or groups available on Google or Yahoo. Though, it’s better to have any such group than none at all, definitely.

There are also other groups I’d recommend for everyone interested in geospatial applications:

All those groups are available through NNTP servers too.

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