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Building QT 4 with Visual C++ 2005

19 Mar 2006 | mloskot

QT LogoYesterday, I started small series of articles dedicated for Quantum GIS developers which want to work on Windows and use Visual C++ 2005 IDE to develop QGIS. The first article is devoted to QT compilation. Next, I’ll try to explain process of building Quantum GIS using VC++ 2005.

I put this article on QGIS Wiki in Developers Corner as Building QT 4 with Visual C++ 2005.

Building QT is the first step, so if you’re going to build QGIS, you have to build QT first. There are only four steps to build QT/Windows Open Source Edition using Visual C++ 2005.

Instructions presented in the article above are basd on Compiling QT4 on Windows HOWTO from PsiWiki. Thanks!

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