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GDAL/OGR for Windows CE

21 Feb 2006 | mloskot

GDAL IconAfter 22 weeks ;-) of the initial post I’m very glad to announce the first release of GDAL/OGR port for Windows CE. Two days ago I commited all files and changes to the official GDAL CVS repository.

Here is a list of features and my comments to the current state of work. GDAL/OGR for Windows CE features:

Features not included in GDAL/OGR for Windows CE:

_NOTE: As you may noticed, I call this port as GDAL/OGR but, in fact, currently it only includes OGR - vectors support. Simply, I hope it will become more complete port of GDAL, with rasters support, in future. _

How to use it?

Untill now, I managed to build GDAL/OGR with eVC++ 4.0 and use it on my device running Pocket PC 2003 (Windows CE .NET 4.2).

Here I posted the complete story on gmane.comp.gis.gdal.devel - [ANN] First release of GDAL/OGR for Windows CE. Building instructions can be found in gdal\wince\README file in the official CVS.


This week, I’m porting GEOS to Windows CE. I hope it will work soon. Then it will be possible to measure performance of complete solution (OGR + GEOS) and optimize it if necessary.

Contributors wanted!

If you are interested in using, testing or contributing to the Windows CE port of GDAL/OGR, please give me a note on or post your message to the mailing list. I’d be very thankful for every support.


I’d like to give BIG THANKS to Frank Warmerdam and Taxus SI Ltd. where I’m employed, for their great support.

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