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Table of Contents has been published

29 Jan 2006 | mloskot

Charles Petzold TattooToday, Charles Petzold announced that he has published Table of Contents of his new book:

I’ve created a page on my web site for the new book and included a Table of Contents that goes as far as I know. I hope to keep it updated as the rest of the book becomes firmer in my mind.

Charles Petzold is working on new book Applications = Code + Markup. A Guide to the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation and he seems to not to go slow because it’s comming this fall 2006:

Yesterday I hit the 400 book pages mark. My goal of 5 books page per calendar day starting November 1st implies that I’m about a week behind. It appears now that Part 1 of the book (which sticks entirely to C# code) will be about 400 pages long.

If you are interested in what’s new in the book, visit Petzold Book Blog.

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