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UWTV: Online Geospatial Data Sources

21 Jan 2006 | mloskot

Craig KnoblockToday, I was searching through UWTV resources and I encountered a very interesting program with Craig Knoblock’s lecture about geospatial databases.

It was recorded in May 27, 2004 but I’m sure it’s still very interesting. Here is short abstract of Craig’s lecture:

With the explosive growth of the Web combined with improved technologies for remote sensing, there are now a huge number of geospatial data sources available online. This includes maps and satellite imagery. The challenge is how to make effective use of all this information. In this talk, Dr. Craig Knoblock describes integrating the huge amount of Web data with the widely available geospatial data sources.

Here you can watch the Online Geospatial Data Sources program from UWTV website in 3 streaming formats.

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