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While My Windows Vista Gently Weeps

06 Jan 2006 | mloskot

Windows Vista LogoHow do you think, what kind of sounds will you hear emitted from Windows Vista? Is it going to be Rock’N’Roll, Progressive rock or Classical? I’d love to hear Trash Metal when deleting a file ,-).

It seems everything is possbile, especially when those sounds will be played by Robert Fripp - guitarist and the founder of Kind Crimson. So, it’s even possible Vista will play Math Rock, whatever it is.

Why? Because Robert Fripp was invited to compose and play sounds for Windows Vista. Here is a video taken during the recording session: Robert Fripp - Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session

What’s very interesting for me, is the way the second guy is explaining different situations and events occuring in Vista and then Robert just plays. Nice!

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