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VerySpatial on the Frappr!

09 Nov 2005 | mloskot LogoRecently, I announced GIS Bloggers Map. Today, I’d like to announce another GIS users map on the Frappr!.

Sue & Jesse from the vortal and blog have launched VerySpatial users map on the Frappr!.Great! Go on, add yourself and have fun!

By the way, GIS Bloggers Map is growing with more users. Today, we have 8 users [applause] :-). There is only one problem with Frappr! engine, it works a bit buggy when you put URL in the Shoutout field. URLs are displayed incorrectly in the mug box appearing on the map after you click on the member link to get his location. I wrote to the Frappr! guys and I’m sure they will fix it. Thanks Frappr’ers!

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