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Polish language pack for ArcGIS 9.1

04 Nov 2005 | mloskot

ESRI Polska announces about polish langauge pack to the ArcGIS 9.1. How nice! Particularly, ArcGIS 9.1 is very expansive software and I think all its polish users has to fall to their knees with thanksgiving prayers for this localization. ESRI seems to be very serious company but they have big problems with providing polish manuals or books about their software on polish market for years. Well, may be ESRI should follow Open Source Software example as usually well translated and well documented in many languages.

OK, that’s pretty tradition there is no polish documentation for ESRI software so we should expect this polish language pack does not change much:

Polska nakładka zawiera interfejs oprogramowania ArcGIS 9.1 bez systemu Pomocy. (english version: polish language add-in includes UI translation but no manuals translation.)

I’d say description of this language pack features is shorter - 5 sentences - than description of lacks and limiatations - 8 sentences :-).

By the way, it’s worth to mention ESRI ArcPad - application for Windows CE based devices- and a permanent lack of polish manual, documentation or book. Have I mentioned ArcPad costs about ~500 $ ?

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