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Programmer's Toolbox

29 Oct 2005 | mloskot

Whatever you do, you need to know what kind of tools you need. That’s obvious rule. Certianly, you can dig a patch with a table spoon if you like :-) but in most cases you will use a specialized tool - spade.

Today, when I was reading Ubuntu Forums I came across a very nice explanation of tools in programmer’s toolbox. In my opinion, this short but condensed overview is all the truth about programming tools. So, in alphabetical order it looks like this:

Now, I’d draw my own conclusion: best tools are precise3 and more precise1

1 precise as surgical instrument 2 first, I think tool is expected to be usefull, not funny :-) 3 another precise and accureate tool

Disclaimer: Yes, I flame on Java and C# :-)

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