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Cry for Sattelite!

14 Oct 2005 | mloskot

BBC announced that European satellite presumed lost. What does it mean? It means European Space Agency lost their spacecraft somewehere in the space. ESA hasn’t confirmed yet it is definitely lost, but russian space gurus reported it is - crashed to the sea. It was called CryoSat and was sent into orbit to monitor ice cover and climate.

So, 135 million Euro disappeared somewhere above our heads. Let’s repeat: one hundred thirty five million Euro is gone. I think ESA officials should now rename their spacecraft to CryForSat as a short of Cry For Sattelite. But as I read from BBC article, they are not crying at all. They lost 135 millions and they are not crying? How is this possible!

Chief scientist Duncan Wingham sums it up this way:

Space is a risky business, it always has been.

…no comments.

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