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SOCI 3.2.1 released

13 Apr 2013 | mloskot

A few weeks after SOCI 3.2.0 release, we are delivering a bugfix release of SOCI 3.2.1. We haven’t issued bugfix release since 1.2.1, so I hope the packages are in order.

The source packages are available for download from or directly from the Git repository in 3.2.1 tag.

Documentation for the current 3.2 line is available at

Priceless contributions allowed to collect some important fixes. From the CHANGES file, the version 3.2.1 differs from 3.2.0 in the following ways:

  • Fixed binding of Oracle type NUMBER(9,0) to C++ int, by Tomasz Olszewski
  • Fixed Oracle client library detection on Windows, by Tomasz Olszewski
  • Fixed PostgreSQL issue with deallocate_prepared_statement called for non-existing statement
  • Fixed prepared insert statements with custom data types support, by Tomasz Olszewski
  • Fixed recent improvements in x:=y name binding, by Poul Bondo
  • Fixed query transformation assignment in pooled sessions, by Stefan Chrobot
  • Cleaned up SOCI_POSTGRESQL_NOPARAMS and related options in code and documentation
  • Dropped patch (micro) version number from documentation URLs on the website

Complete list of issues is available at GitHub.

On behalf of SOCI team, thanks to everyone involved!

In case of questions or problems, drop us a line to soci-users. If you have encountered a bug, open new issue at GitHub.

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