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Git branching notes

06 Feb 2013 | mloskot

This is collection of short notes on best practices for simple and effective use of Git branching and merging to make a source code management workflow in Git simple, flexible and safe.

I’m going to update this post whenever I learn new and interesting tips, so this is a rolling blog.

Git repository:

  • a photo album, collection of snapshots of a project filesystem
  • hash identifies state of a repository as a whole
  • hash = parent state + difference

Git branch:

  • a work context
  • master is a default branch always available in a repository

Git branching and merging:

  • vital for tree of life of a project
  • tools for managing different tracks of project, separate work contexts
  • controlling changes flow in two possible directions:
    • upstream - changes flow towards the origin branch
    • downstream - flow of changes that come down from the origin branch
  • branches make trees, trees make forests, use git rebase as thinning tool

Git workflow:

  • This is how I use Git to do what I need
  • flexibility given on a silver platter
  • no single workflow given, many successful Git branching models possible
  • may distinguish several types of branches
  • allows to work on several features or topics at the same time

Git locally:

  • I create branch for everything - Jenny Donnelly:
    • for every version in production
    • for every new feature or topic
    • for every bug fix
  • switch working contexts (branches) frequently, it is safe
  • merge early and merge often to keep workflow smoooth

Git master branch:

  • default branch, every Git repository has it
  • keep it nice and clean
  • main integegration zone
  • never do any coding in the master branch
  • available to branch off of master to get clean snapshot of latest stable code
  • use consistent naming convention for topic branches, bugfix branches, version maintenance branches, your own experiments

…to be continued

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