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Cycling to work - Day #1

05 Jan 2012 | mloskot

Update: Cycling to work moved to RunKeeper

  • Route: #1
  • Distance: 8.1 km
  • Time:25 min
  • Conditions: first minute in the sun, then dramatic change “When the wind blows and the rain feels cold”…and thing layer of ice is forming on my ankles and lower legs, but thankfully with no head in snow; it lasted for the first 3km and was enough to soak me well. Next, cycling in light rain. My shoes had been wet for the rest of the day. Tip: always have spare trousers and socks backed up in your office (t-shirts are obvious).

New year, new challenges, new ideas. My new idea is to start logging cycling commuter chronicles and perhaps similar log for climbing, and running too if my weak strong will allows. Apparently, I have too much time up on my sleeves. Anyway, I’m going to post rather short log messages than detailed blog posts (if Twitter allowed ~300 characters, I’d probably use Twitter).

I have been cycling to work since I got my first bicycle here in London. A lazy weekend during spring 2010, I made a trip to Brick Lane where I spent 90 quid, and a lot more hopes I hadn’t been buying from a thieve, to get my very first fixi. (If anyone in London used to have bright green fixi (though I bought it as black) with white handlebars and black saddle (photo) and it was stolen, then let me know :-) .) I got my bicycle and started regular commute from N1 to WC2R.

Long story short, whenever I have to struggle through the crowds to get into the lifts in Covent Garden Underground Station, I honestly suffer. Cycling is simply great. The only disadvantage is that I no longer have 40 minutes per day to read a book.

Kudos to folks from CycleStreets for the great service useful in optimising cycling routes.

Tip: every time you approach a minicab, imagine you are cycling on streets of one of the large cities in the far east and apply no trust rule whatsoever.

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