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PostGIS provider for FDO update

09 May 2008 | mloskot

During last weeks, a lot of fresh bits have been contributed to the PostGIS provider for FDO Open Source. The great part of this work was committed by Bruno Scott and his colleagues. Bruno has recently joined the FDO development team. I’d like to express my deep gratitude to Bruno for his fantastic help in improving the PostGIS provider. The provider has got better shape and stability.

Recently, I’ve failed my duties in the provider development, so motivated by the load of Bruno’s work I found some gaps in time to submit a few fixes too :-)

For all interested in development of the PostGIS provider for FDO, here is detailed list of the recent updates (links point to tickets in FDO Trac database):

  • #94 Generate extent for features assigned to default spatial context

  • #106 PostGIS provider cannot delete a feature class

  • #171 Fdo Postgis Autogenated identity property is mandatory

  • #178 PostGIS : Can’t insert in a non-feature class

  • #232 Fdo Postgis null and not null filter does not work

  • #233 Fdo Postgis in and not in filter does not work

  • #234 Fdo Postgis currently does not support anything but lowercase identifiers

  • #235 Fdo Postgis Exception with insert

  • #236 Fdo Postgis does not support non spatial classes

  • #241 Implement Support for SelectAggregates, SpatialExtents and Count

  • #310 PostGIS provider : change class naming convention without ~

  • #311 PostGIS provider : mismatch between FdoGeometricTypes and FdoGeometryType

  • #312 PostGIS provider : remove boost_date_time dll dependency

  • #313 PostGIS provider : can’t filter,insert or update date/datetime

  • #314 PostGIS provider : check-out/check-in crashes Autodesk Map

  • #324 PostGIS provider : Insert and update geometry failed when a table has a srid

  • #328 PostGIS FdoIInsert::Execute always returns NULL

  • #329 PostGIS FdoISQLCommand::GetSQLStatement always returns NULL

  • #337 PostGIS defect : insert,update more than one column failed on dates

  • #338 PostGIS defect : insert with srid -1 failed

  • #339 PostGIS defect : Srid is not set properly when creating a FeatureClass

  • #341 PostGIS defect : SelectAggregate does not support DISTINCT

All the fixes listed above will be included in next version 3.4.0 of Feature Data Objects.

From another area of the FDO development, check Jason’s post about the brand new SQLite for both FDO and OGR

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