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GIS in Practice Conference in Warsaw, 29 Nov 2007

31 Oct 2007 | mloskot

On 29 November 2007 an interesting event will take place in Warsaw, Poland. The annual XIV GIS in Practice Conference is devoted to discuss topics about space management, local community development and communal participation.

Full name of the conference in Polish language:

XIV edycja konferencji GIS W PRAKTYCE - GIS - zarzÄ…dzanie przestrzeniÄ…, rozwĂłj lokalny i partycypacja społeczna

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find English translation of the conference overview and program, so I decided to produce it myself. Here is, more or less, detailed summary of the conference topics:

  • New role of GIS in communication and communal participation support. (Paweł Decewicz, Centrum Gospodarki Przestrzennej)

  • What does the geospatial infrastructure and INSPIRE directive bring to local governments, communities and municipalities? (dr ElĹźbieta Bielecka, Instytut Geodezji i Kartografii):

    • What exactly is INSPIRE?

    • Who are INSPIRE beneficiaries?

    • Is INSPIRE supposed to be success?

  • Geoportals, traditional GIS on the Internet or another media (Maciej Sztampke, ESRI)

    • New directions of GIS technology

    • Do these tools provide users with objective information?

    • Examples of interesting applications

  • Panel discussion: What does INSPIRE implementation and strategy mean for local governments?

Guests: prof. Bogdan Ney, dr Marek Baranowski, dr Tomasz Stuczyński and Marcin Guzik. Moderator: Paweł Decewicz

  • Discussion of spatial conflicts in areas of NATURA 2000 network. (Katarzyna Twardowska i Ryszard Zakrzewski, Ministry of the Environment)

  • Case Study: Geoportals in promotion of NATURA 2000 areas of Baltic Sea countries (SMAN) on the example of Polish regions: Suwalszczyzna and AugustĂłw. (dr Marcin Bajorski, City of AugustĂłw)

  • Case study: GIS and Information Society, Graphic Database - preserving city’s identity. (dr Marek Ostrowski)

  • Presentation: GIS in space management - ESRI solutions. (ESRI)

  • Lecture: Using CommunityViz as GIS application to support public debate about the local development plan. (Paweł Decewicz, Centrum Gospodarki Przestrzennej)

All information above was stolen from the conference website maintained by Centrum Promocji Informatyki Ltd. company, the conference organizer.

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