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Webcam issue solved!

30 Oct 2005 | mloskot

Four weeks ago I reported on Ubuntu Forums that my Ubuntu box freezes whenever I try to use webcam with spca5xx driver. Here is my post Breezy hangs when using webcam. So, it seems it works now. Four days ago I got a message from Alvaro Arenas with explanation how to solve this issue. Simply, I used wrong gcc version to build spca5xx driver - gcc 4.0 instead of 3.4 :-). Here you will find complete article explaining all details [HOWTO] Using spca5xx webcam driver.

My smiling face is the proof Alvaro’s solution works :-)

I’m happy my webcam works with Ubuntu

I’m happy my webcam works with Ubuntu

Now, I’m going to find some nice software to play with my webcam. Do you have any suggestions?

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