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Beauty and the Beast

16 Oct 2005 | mloskot

When I saw this photo (below) for the first time, I had a great laugh and it reminded me well known story titled Beauty and the Beast. I think it’s clear which one is the Beauty and which one is the Beast :-). The very next moment, I had a pity on this poor boy Thomas Ulrich (on the left) that having such a pretty face, he must go and fight with iron hammers of our Tomek Adamek.

Don’t you think Thomas Ulrich fits better to cover of some magazine for women (or men, that’s matter of taste) than to the boxing ring? May be he has never took a look in the mirror, I don’t know. I would say he is like owner of a brand new Mercedes who goes to race with Monster Trucks, completely unaware. Brrr! So, from 3rd round Tomek Adamek started giving this german a solid thrashing. Finally, the Beast from Poland smashed up the Beauty’s face ;-)

The Beauty & The Beast Photo from TVP

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